Icryptofund.com is a private equity management company. Icryptofund.com started investing in crypto-trading bots, cryptocurrency, mining, ICO in 2017, thanks to which it provided high profitability in the market Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH). Icryptofund.com is a brand owned by Icryptofund system. and registered in the UK. Corporate Registration and Ownership Office under registration number 11589665924. The main activity of the company is making profit in the cryptocurrency market.

Icryptofund.com, an investment transatlanic corporation is the result of our intensive and fruitful work over the past few years, it is ready to offer the most profitable and partner-friendly asset management service based on advanced Bitcoin business, as well as highly profitable profitability in cryptocurrency markets . Starting today, we urge everybody who wants to be successful to join us. We cooperate with online investors from around the world in the global project of the future. Most of the profits for our customers are generated using Icrypto Scalp Bot ™ and Icrypto Arbitrage Bot ™.

Icrypto Scalp Bot ™ and Icrypto Arbitrage Bot ™ are crypto bots designed by us that have absorbed all our experience and knowledge in order to get high profitability on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Icrypto Scalp Bot ™ is a proprietary bot using small changes in currency prices. Icrypto Scalp Bot ™ acts as traditional market makers or specialists. Buys cheaper – sells more expensive. This procedure allows you to make a profit even when supply and demand do not change at all, if there are people who are willing to take market prices. A bot uses fast positions, usually within a few minutes or even seconds.

Icrypto Arbitrage Bot ™ is a secure way to generate profits by taking advantage of the difference in price of a single cryptocurrency on different exchanges. Prices will vary on different exchanges, and arbitrage is a profitable and convenient project with high returns.

We are also pleased to present another direction for generating profits for the accounts of our customers using artificial intelligence – Icrypto Roboadvising System ™.
Icrypto Roboadvising System ™ is an assistant robot that specifies preferences and goals for company accounts. The system forms a set of assets that are recommended for purchase, and further helps to manage this portfolio and achieve its goals.

Separately, it is worth to provide a service of returning funds from Icryptofund.com
On the way to the creation and testing of our systems, we found mistrust among ordinary users to financial companies. In most cases, this was due to the simple deception of clients by various financial institutions and the appropriation of client funds. In connection with this trend, our team has developed an algorithm for the return of funds from unscrupulous companies. Now you can contact our specialists to return your funds by interacting with cryptocurrency regulators.

Why Chose Us

  • Secured AntiDDOS SERVER

    Whe are using best servers to protect our client’s cryptocurrency and personal data.

  • SSL Sertificate.

    Icryptofund.com use cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over a computer network.

  • Profitable Investments

    We propose one of the highest ROI in crypto world with no risk for investor.* That’s why clients like to use our service.

Services We Provide

Fields we specialize in vary and encompass everything a modern business faces today…

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